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i am radi saad from libya i am mechanical engineer i have many inventions i would like to share it with the people you can connect with me on

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 هنا تجدون كل تصميم المهندس راضي سعد علي برامج التصميم الهندسي

Here you will find all the design of Engineer Radi Saad on design engineering programs

للتواصل هذا مدونتي الالكترونية ومذكور فوق حسابي علي الفيس ورقم هاتفي

(Research and projects by Engineer Radi Saad)


Scientific paper for electric power generation Do not take advantage of my experience you can communicate with me Design idea: Design of heating system for heating water This is a link Explains the project


Search for gas turbines Useful manual in gas turbines


Material selection and numbering system


Training in ADASCO pipe manufacturing Company in the city of Agidbia